A typical sustainable plan

A typical sustainable plan

Legacy is a groundbreaking alliance between a group of professional and expert companies that is offering a seamless, fully costed service that aims to maximise the return for retailers on redundant fuel sites.

The service, entitled Exit Strategy Planning, has been created by a strategic alliance between fuel site decommissioning specialist DP Fuel Tank Services (DP FTS) and property and financial expert KBH Investments. In turn, KBH is part of Legacy Development Initiatives, a partnership encompassing, architectural practice Holos Form and town planning consultancy Murray Planning Associates. There is also input from environmental consultant Subadra.

The new alliance will use the combined professional experience of all the companies to produce fully costed schemes to transform redundant fuel sites into high-value sustainable developments. Coupling this with sound financial advice will leave the owners financially better off than if they had just sold the land to a normal developer without addressing the site remediation problems and development potential first.

Says DP FTS managing director Kathy Early: “We often come across service station owners, particularly independents, who want to retire but can’t find a buyer prepared to keep the forecourt going or take on the responsibility of making the tanks safe and decontaminating the ground.

“This means they are faced with an unpleasant choice. They can spend thousands of pounds solid filling the tanks – money they cannot recoup in the selling price; they can excavate the tanks and clean up any pollution themselves; they can carry on running a declining business; or they can sell the site for a fraction of its true value.

“The Legacy alliance means we can now offer these forecourt operators an alternative way that will allow them to escape this trap, while we take on all the work and headaches.”

With its specialist expertise, DP FTS is regularly called in to safely decommission fuel sites when they come to the end of their life. This is done through making the redundant tanks safe by solid filling or excavating them, decontaminating the ground and even demolishing the buildings.

The Legacy alliance means the DP FTS can now take its services into a new area of finding the best possible deal for customers looking to divest themselves of a service station; both in regard to sale price and other financial issues.

Normally, when Legacy secures a redundant site, it will work with the client to get the best from the development to optimise the value, with the aim of creating a design that embraces a sustainable development.

Says KBH Investments director Gary Bashford: “With the planning legislation passed in the 2011 budget, the Government has made a commitment to sustainable developments and has given ‘yes’ as the default answer to plans for such schemes.

“A disused garage site can be seen by some residents as a blight on the landscape. It can cause prices in the immediate area to be lower than market price. Our aim is to work with the owners and community to improve the area and in doing so increase the site sales value and resale prices of surrounding residents’ properties, by enhancing and regenerating the area to encourage employment growth and offer an enhanced sense of place.

“Former service stations often occupy comparatively large sites and are located in areas that lend themselves to putting together parcels of surrounding land. They are the ideal nucleus for a sustainable development.”


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