DP FTS burying a heating oil tank in the shadow of St Mary's Church

DP FTS burying a heating oil tank in the shadow of St Mary’s Church

DP Fuel Tank Services’ (DP FTS) operatives have had to clean, remove and install heating oil and generator fuel tanks in some interesting places; in inaccessible basements, on precarious roof-tops and deep in the wilds of the countryside, but St Mary’s Church, Langham in Norfolk, was the first time they have been involved with a burial in a churchyard.

When Langham with Boxted Parochial Church Council decided to upgrade its church heating system, including the replacement of its old underground heating oil tank, it called in the specialist expertise of DP FTS.

To remove the old 3,500ltr tank, buried six feet under the churchyard, DP FTS first had to pump the remaining fuel into a temporary tank it provided. Then, after thoroughly cleaning the old tank, to ensure it was safe to work on, the company hot cut the old metal tank into sections, to make it easier to lift them out of the concrete lined underground housing.

Once the old tank was out, a new pipe access hole was drilled through to the neighbouring underground boiler room and a brand new 1,800ltr state-of-the-art, double-skinned, tough plastic tank was lowered in and installed, complying with all modern regulations.

Once the new tank had been safely lowered in, the heating company fed fuel lines through the wall to the new boiler, to allow the congregation to keep warm once again.