Fuel Tank Cleaning

DP Ipstwich 0002Domestic and Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning


We prefer, when possible, to conduct cleaning via man entry since this has proved to be very efficient and the most thorough option. However, our team is also trained and equipped to carry out high pressure jet washing without the need for many entry, thanks to the use of a lance with a universal swiveling head. To reduce disposal costs throughout this process, we clean and recycle the vast majority of the water used.


Current health, safety and environmental regulations, as enforced by the HSE/Petroleum Officer/Environment Agency, are adhered SNV38119to during all of our oil, diesel and petroleum tank cleaning projects. We also ensure that washings and residues are safely disposed of under ‘Duty of Care’ or EA Notifications.


We Clean All Fuel Tanks!


We offer professional, thorough cleaning services for every kind of fuel storage tank, including:

  • Underground and above ground diesel tanks
  • Underground and above ground oil tanks
  • Underground petrol tanks
  • Heating oil tanks
  • Industrial sized heavy oil tanks


Ultrasound_2_bNitro-Foam Inerting and Ultrasound Testing


DP Tanks clean for re-use in order to extend the life or your tank, solve bio-fuel clogging problems and prepare tanks for scrap. As specialists in gas freeing and certification, we use nitro-foam inerting which allows explosive fumes to be forced out of a tank safely and efficiently. For removal purposes, either by us or a different contractor, tanks are fully exposed and inerted so that a large opening can be cold cut to facilitate our services and stop flammable gases building up. Once it has been cleaned, our operatives are able to perform an ultrasound test to detect leaks or corrosion; spotting these problems early can prevent environmental issues and save the owner considerable expense. This can be a stand-alone service, for de-gassed tanks under or above ground, or carried out in conjunction with tank cleaning.


Fuel Tank Cleaning

For more information regarding fuel tank cleaning:

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