Site Decontamination

Forecourt decommissioning and the decontamination

Site Decontamination

DP Fuel Tank Services has the expertise and experience to conduct forecourt decommissioning and the decontamination of land previously occupied by fuel stations, prior to it being put to other uses.

You would expect to find contamination in a refuelling station to be from leaking petrol, diesel or oil from the tanks on-site. However, DP Fuel Tank Services has even identified and dealt with cases of contamination leaching into sites from neighbouring properties.

Specialist Environmental Consultants

During the process of decommissioning redundant refuelling stations, the company’s environmental consultants take a number of core samples to test for contamination. The result of those tests will determine whether the land needs to be excavated, and if so, how much.

The normal Site Decontamination process of cleaning the land is a relatively straightforward procedure of removing all the contaminated material to an approved landfill site and filling the hole with clean material. In a case where contamination is from adjoining property, DP Fuel Tank Services has experience in constructing underground barriers, prior to filling, to prevent future contamination.

Site being isolated for removal of decontaminated soil

Testing the fuel station site ground for contamination

Fuel station site decontamination

One operative in full PPE with breathing apparatus and safety harness

Removing all the contaminated material to an approved landfill site

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