Solid Filled Tank Removal

DP Fuel Tank Services has the expertise and experience to carry out the removal and disposal of all types of petrol, diesel, oil and other types of storage tanks

Solid Filled Tank Removal

It is often more convenient for land owners who are decommissioning sites to leave underground fuel storage tanks in place, making them safe by filling them with a solid foam or concrete slurry. This is why we operate Solid Filled Tank Removal.

However, if a future owner wishes to develop the land with buildings that require foundations, those solid filled tanks will need to be removed safely. This is where we can help, with our Removal of Solid Filled Tanks service.

Two solid filled tanks exposed and opened with the filling ready to be removed

The tank has been cut open and the flaps peeled back to expose the solid filling

A previously solid filled tank with the filling removed ready for the metal to be sent for recycling

Tank Excavation

Before the tank can be excavated and the metal taken for recycling, the tank has to be opened and the filling removed to be taken to a licensed landfill site.

Although solid filled tanks should be safe in theory, proper precautions have to be taken when opening them. If the filling was not carried out properly the material could have settled, leaving a space where explosive fumes could accumulate. In some cases the filling material itself can give off formaldehyde gas, so different precautions for site and personnel safety have to be taken depending on the filling used.

Fuel tank specialists DP Fuel Tank Services has the expertise and experience to carry out the removal and disposal of all types of petrol, diesel, oil and other types of storage tanks, including the removal of industrial oil tanks, in a safe and efficient manner.

Oil company policy dictates that redundant petrol tanks are not sold for re-use. The system of documentation used by DP Fuel Tank Services identifies the tank and its eventual destruction by smelting.

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